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Entrepreneur – Success starts with blind faith

We all do, especially entrepreneurs do all the time, talking to ourselves, convincing ourselves and lie to ourselves, all the time. Especially an entrepreneur who has an excellent idea but who is also afraid to take the first step, we call them a wantrepreneur, the transformation from a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur starts with self-convincing, lie and blind faith.

Mark Cuban, a successful tech billionaire and a famous startup venture capitalist shared his success story and he stressed the importance of blind faith, Here are the three important aspects of entrepreneurial success from the proven billionaire.

entrepreneurship success

The First Step

Most of the entrepreneurs are afraid to take the first step to launch the business due to various reason and financial security or loss of current income is the most feared reason, when you are a wantrepreneur, who has an idea for a startup business, but afraid to go beyond just talking about putting that idea to work, you just have to take the first step of having blind faith, lie to yourself and convince yourself, that’s how you learn to convince your investors and customers.

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Understand the difference

Entrepreneurs need to lie and convince themselves to take the first step, it will give the much-needed boost to execute the idea and start the business, however the entrepreneur should be smart enough to understand the difference between blind faith and harsh reality, “ yes, I can do it” is a motivation to do it, same time entrepreneur should aware of the challenges and reality to face the real challenges, the entrepreneurs should understand the difference between the convincing blind faith and the hard-hitting harsh reality.

Be brutally honest

entrepreneurship succes

Contrary to the first step, now it’s time to be damn honest to yourself, the blind faith is to start it off the ground, but you can’t keep on going with blind faith, the reality is harder than what you expect and as an entrepreneur, you should be honest to yourself, ask and identify “what are my strength and opportunity, what are my weakness and threats”. No company, no product is perfect and you have to understand it before your competitors figure it out, spot your weakness and address it before your competitors kick you out of business and you need to be brutally honest to yourself to do this.

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Entrepreneurship is an everyday lesson and there is always something new to learn, every founder has a unique story and experience, but all lead to success at one point, taking the first step is important and we believe this short read make an impact on the wannabe entrepreneurs.

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