Just Pay with JustPay – A payment technology for hassle free lifestyle

Nowadays it is very general to see multiple payment options available for a buyer to pay for the goods and services at the point of purchase, cash only era changed rapidly and now cash, card and mobile wallets such as ipay, frime, upay are available to make payments at most of the places. Today we are going to learn a little bit more about the underlying technology of mobile wallets, which is Just Pay (JustPay)

What is JustPay?

JustPay facilitates the purchase of goods and services via smart electronic devices and making the retail payments using your Savings or Current account instantly and securely. This can be used for transactions below Rs.10,000 under an extremely low tariff scheme. JustPay is proved to be secured with two-factor authentication and end to end encryption. This smart, cost-effective, convenient payment option is expected to turn as the primary payment mechanism among Sri Lankans for retail payments.

JustPay is a byproduct of the revolutionary CEFTS system, Click Here to learn more about CEFT

The Features of Just pay

  • Facilitate secure real-time retail payments up to Rs.10, 000/- under an extremely low customer fee or no fee at all. (Currently, customers are not getting charged at all)
  • You need to have a smartphone or any other smart device.
  • Every mobile application that has JustPay payment option (paying through bank accounts) has complied with the Base-line Security Standards – Mobile issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
  • Every mobile application that has JustPay payment option (paying through bank accounts) has complied with the SDK solution provided by Lanka Clear for digital signing of customer’s consent.
  • You can register your savings account or current account to make day to day payments/purchase goods and services.
  • Very user-friendly payment option.
  • One click payment – This is every shopper’s dream payment option

How JustPay Works?

JusyPay is a technology which powers the payment technology providers, there are third-party payment applications available for your smartphone and devices, these applications are connected to  Lanka Clear JustpPay technology via a financial institution which is already a CEFTS connected institution.

The CEFTS (JustPay is a byproduct of CEFTS) technology enables the instant transactions between the user and merchant. Below diagram explain the process.



All FinTech application that enables JustPay are certified for LankaClear SDK solution and a digital signature is obtained from the customer of his consent given to debit his account. Also, FinTech apps connected to JustPay needs CBSL approval. This is subjected to an audit report submitted by an authorized company through the bank. In simple language, fintech payment application needs a CEFTS connected financial institution to connect with JustPay technology, all applications to go through a rigorous audit process with the central bank to obtain approvals, thus your payments are safe and secure.

Also, JustPay/CEFTS has a well-defined dispute management mechanism to recall error credits during pre-defined timelines.

JustPay Enabled payment technology providers and Financial Institutions


The Benefits of using JustPay enabled payment technology

  • No need for cash or Credit Cards
  • Directly pay with your mobile instantly
  • No more Credit card debt
  • Attractive offers from merchants
  • Connect multiple accounts to application
  • Fast, safe and secure

Currently, the maximum transaction amount per transaction is Rs.10,000/-

How to get JustPay enabled payment applications?

Just go to the play store on your android device or app store on your ios device to download your preferred application. Follow the on-screen prompts to register yourself and you are ready to join the payment revolution.

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