Investing for the future – Chapter 06 – Investing in Share Market

Welcome to the sixth chapter of Investing for the future, investing for the future series focusing on educating the community by providing basic to advance information on investment options available to Sri Lankans and encourage them to invest, this series explains the risk and return element of an investment and how to plan your investments with right strategies.

We encourage you to read all the chapters before proceeding with the sixth chapter, it will give you an understanding of investment options available and associated risks, please access the previous chapters using links below.

Chapter 1 – Understanding Risk and Return

Chapter 2 – Investing in government securities

Chapter 3 – Investing in Savings account

Chapter 4 – Investing in Fixed Deposits

Chapter 5 – Investing in Mutual Funds

The sixth chapter is all about combined comprehensive information about investing in share market aka stock market, considered to be the highest risk associated investment, investing in stocks is the best way to increase wealth over time and the best thing about investing in stock market is, it is not rocket science or you need piles of money to start with, anyone can start investing in share market with little knowledge and as little as 1000 rupees in hand.

investing in share market

We have a dedicated category for the share market investment and we already covered most of the aspects of investing in share market in a simple and understandable manner, each of the following articles deals with the most wanted information about share market and how to invest. Feel free to browse through and learn the basics of share market investment, a little bit of patience and dedication is enough to start your share market investment journey

Finding A stock Broker / Opening your CDS Account

Investing in Share Market – Step by step guide – Chapter 01

Types of “Markets” and how to buy a share in the different types of markets.

Share Market Performance indicators – All Share Price Index(ASPI) and S&P SL20

As we mentioned in the short read “Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants”(Read it, you won’t regret), you are buying and selling shares of business giants, John Keels, Commercial Bank, LOLC, Vallibel and more, business mammoths of this island nation are listed in the Colombo stock exchange (, when you buy a stock, you own a piece of these giants, they do the hard work to grow big, you just have to stand strong on their shoulders, as Robert says, you can use the GIANTS to make you giant piles of money, only thing you have to be cautious about is, don’t let the giant eat you, make sure to analyze the giant before you get on to the shoulders.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only, should not be considered as an investment advice. Always make sure to do your own research, talk to your financial advisor and/or seek independent advice where appropriate & necessary.

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