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CRIB Report – Importance Explained

Loans and advances became a vital element of our day to day life and most of not aware about the back-end operations of a lending institution, a lending institution approves your loan request through a multi-step process and the CRIB report analyses play a very important role in the success of a loan application.

crib report

Most of us think of CRIB report when we in need of a loan or a credit card, this practice has to be changed and this article is to create awareness about the most important credit decision-making tool used by the Srilankan banks and financial institution.

What is a CRIB report?

CRIB, it’s a report of credit information collected and compiled by the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka. Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka (CRIB) which is the first Credit Bureau in the South Asian region was established by the Credit Information Bureau of Sri Lanka Act No. 18 of 1990. An initiative of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Finance, CRIB was a response to the 1980’s debt crisis in the country.

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CRIB currently has 94 shareholders, including all licensed Commercial banks, Specialized banks, Finance companies, leasing companies, few other institutions which have been declared as lending institutions for the purpose of the Act and the Central Bank. The chairman of the Board is always a deputy governor of the Central Bank and the remaining board seats are shared between the lending institutions.

Each and every facility granted by the banks and finance companies (Including all member institution of CRIB) will be reported to CRIB on a regular basis. It includes all kind of advances inclusive of cheque returns.

The Reporting Mechanism

All loans, advances and credit cards issued by the member institutions and payment report pertaining to the advances made by the member institutions should be reported to the CRIB on an agreed mechanism and format where the CRIB system automatically updates the details to the individual and corporate database, this information can be retrieved by the member institution by using the national identity card number and business registration number.

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It is vital to understand that, your name will be included in the database when you obtain a credit facility from a member institution of CRIB, most of us think that our names sent to CRIB when we default the loan and it is wrong.

Following are the possible reasons for getting reported to crib

  1. You obtained a facility under your name
  2. You are a partner/proprietor of a business and facility obtained under your business name
  3. You are a guarantor of a loan facility
  4. You are a joint borrower
  5. You are a director of a private company and personal guarantee given to a loan facility obtained under the company name.
  6. You have an overdraft at a bank / you have cheque returns

crib report srilanka

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Importance of a CRIB report

Your crib report Is the key convincer of your loan application, your crib report is one of the first document to be analysed by your loan officer. CRIB will help the loan officer to analyse your past payment record of the loans you obtained in the past. If your record is good, then you almost got the loan provided your income supports the monthly commitment.  But, if your CRIB report is not so attractive, then your loan application is in trouble, your loan application may get rejected, delayed or questioned.

What are the pieces of information found in a CRIB?

CRIB uses your NIC and name as the search string in their database, following are the details/Information provided in a CRIB Report

  1. Detail of the institution
  2. Loan amount
  3. Monthly instalment
  4. Repayment mode
  5. Arrears amount
  6. Loan granted date
  7. Reported date
  8. Security details
  9. Returned cheque details
  10. Recently settled facility details
  11. Your personal information etc.

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Also, crib provides the information on last 24 months’ payment pattern of yours, all loan officers and credit officers of the member institutions are well trained to analyse a CRIB report and they can easily come to a conclusion on your eligibility and your repayment capacity.

How to check your CRIB?

You can check your CRIB report by visiting the bureau office, you can get more information about CRIB Report on

You may refer for more information.

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