From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur – Bad habits to give up

Are you a person who talk, walk, run, bath, eat, sleep & dream about getting into entrepreneurship? Spot on, this article is dedicated to you, the want to be entrepreneurs, we call them wantrepreneur.

Appsumo.com describes wantrepreneurs as “Someone who “is going to” start a business. -Someone who “will find the right idea some day!” -Someone who wants to “act” like an entrepreneur. -Someone who “thinks about starting a business” all the time.

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Wantrepreneur, they talk about entrepreneurship, but they never take off with their plans. Well, don’t feel bad about it, these are the few habits you need to get rid of if you want to be a real entrepreneur.

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Stop talking and get going

Action, that’s what separates the entrepreneur from wantrepreneur, daydreaming about your splendid business idea is not going to work, this is the first bad habit to give up, Just don’t be an “ all talks no shit”, talking and dreaming and wandering in Wonderland is definitely not an entrepreneurial characteristic.

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell about the power of action, action speaks louder than words and take steps towards making your idea a reality, focus on essential actions to build your business.

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Say “No” to critics, in other words, “be a deaf”

You are not a research agency to listen to opinions of others. Let others talk and you make it a reality, ignore the positive and negative opinions of others till you take off, no one knows the right decision till you try. Take positive comments as motivation and take negative comments as constructive fee back.

Just be conscious to understand which opinion is important and when you need it, rely on the feedback of your customers and that’s the only way you can take off as an entrepreneur.

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Be passionate about the business, it’s not about the money

When you work hard results will follow, love your great idea and be passionate about it, money will follow. Get rid of being passionate about money, if you are not passionate about your idea and your only focus is money, then the signs are clear that you are not going any far.

While a wantrepreneur is driven by the idea of being an entrepreneur, the entrepreneur driven by the passion and love for their business. If you are not passionate and convinced about your great idea, why should anyone else be?

Waiting = Loosing

Are you waiting for the perfect time to launch? Well, you are losing your potential customer to someone else, the perfect times never arrive and get rid of waiting for perfect time, a real entrepreneur will never find an excuse to postpone his dream, remember, the perfect time just arrived and it’s perfect to launch now.

Most successful businesses never waited for the perfect time, you have to start to grow, just start.

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Don’t fear to use resources and network

The worst characteristic of a wantrepreneur is fear, they fear about their idea getting stolen. Don’t worry, your idea cannot be replicated since it’s not only just an idea, it’s your passion and love.

Use the latest technology to reach your potential customers. Use your network, meet people, entrepreneurs and mentors, and grow with your network.

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Remember, being a wantrepreneur is not a good idea, it’s not thrilling. Achieve your goals by actions and live the life you always wanted to live. Just evolve to the world of entrepreneurship. Good luck.

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