2 easy way to Earn 500$ (LKR 75,000) a month – Online Earning Explained

Before starting to learn how to earn online, you must be aware of what you should not try, while online world is full of money-making opportunities, it has some cons too. beware of online scams, remember, there is no overnight earning method and short cuts, time-wasting method like unverified online survey (95% fraud) , email reading, SMS sending , lottery, gambling, PPC sites, and free recharging app available at Google play store (It’s just waste of time and data).

If you need more help or have any query related to how to make money online or how to earn money online please feel free to tell us by contacting us.

I am going to share 2 effective methods where you can get paid for your smart work.

Start your own website / Blog

Blogging is the best part-time business especially for students and housewives. Just create a blog with Word Press or blogger in your field like health, social media, online money making tips, ethical hacking, cooking or dance and start writing for today.  Make sure to register your website with Google AdSense, yahoo ads etc. for example – if you are good at cooking, then write your recipes down and combine with mouthwatering photos. Create a blog and publish it. Use social media and SEO to drive traffic to your site. Need help?, contact us for step by step guidence.

Create Video clips

Now a day’s people love to watch video rather than to read blog. Just create video related to your niche and upload it YouTube or Daily motion. When your videos get more than 1000 views, you can apply for YouTube partner or daily motion partners. Make sure to create quality videos and also make sure to periodically upload videos in your niche, don’t be an “another one” Category. Do your research first and make sure to produce quality content.

Online is full of earning opportunities and you have to make sure to select the most appropriate method for  you, please feel free to browse smart2earn.webs.com for more information & other online earning opportunity.

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